About the Elite Development Team

The Elite Development Team was created in 2007 by Lehigh Valley Cycling Club as a means of providing talented junior cyclists with all the tools necessary to rise to the top of their chosen discipline of cycling as individuals and team players.

Supported by our sponsors and LVCC, the Elite Development Team annually accepts up to ten riders racing age 16-18 that have been identified by athletic potential [based on physical test results, mental strength, and competitive results from the previous year] as the next potential crop of professional, Olympic, or otherwise world-class cyclists. These cyclists are given the opportunity to race against some of the best junior talent from around the world while receiving support from a variety of individuals who play a key role in their development.

A dedicated staff of Team Manager, club coaches, mechanics, and other valuable personnel work year round to give these young athletes the best chance at success in the grueling and competitive sport of cycling.

Elite Development Team Qualifications

     - Physical Capacity: the rider is able to undertake rigorous training 5-6 days a week to prepare for the racing schedule.

     - Mental Capacity: the rider (not the parents!) is willing to communicate with the coaches, provide feedback on training and race results and respond positively to direction from the coaching staff


     - Local Community Service

     - Club Community Service

     - Race Participation - a team schedule is agreed upon by the coaches and the Elite team at the beginning of the season.

- Professional Coaching - all Elite team members must engage the services of a professional coach for training.

YM Graduates

Two former Young Medalists are professionals racing domestically: Robin Carpenter for Rally and Micah Engle for Gateway/Harley-Davidson/Trek. 

Several Young Medalists have gone on to elite development teams, currently Jacob Skrip rides for CS Velo Elite, out of Philadelphia, while Sean Guydish, Dakota Schaeffer and Alec Ratzell ride for Keystone Racing Team.

Many Young Medalists have raced in college, currently, Joe Clay (Temple), Alec Ratzell (Penn State), Zach Lyons (West Virginia), and Evelyn Korbich (Bucknell).  Wes Kline, Chris Meacham, Kyle Penny, Marcello Cesario, and Elspeth Huyett continue to race locally.

We are proud that three alum, Elspeth, Dakota and Wes are currently involved in the coaching of current Young Medalists. If you are a former Young Medalist and would like to give back to the team, please contact Elspeth.

Nate leads the pace line with Joe, Austin, William and Stephen at the 2017 Emrick Boulevard junior race.

Nate leads the pace line with Joe, Austin, William and Stephen at the 2017 Emrick Boulevard junior race.

2019 Young Medalists Elite Development Team & Hometown

Nathan Roberts - Whitehall, PA

Vanessa Romano - Allentown, PA

Connor Thompson - Reading, PA

William Walton - Allentown, PA

Ian Witkowski - Elizabethtown, PA