Selected 2017 Road Results

(for full team results, visit the YM team page on Road Results ).

Tour of Southern Highlands Time Trial:  William Walton, 6th Men's 15-16

Philly Phlyer:  Nathaniel Moser, 5th Men's Cat 3/4

Farmersville Road Race:  Sean Guydish, 2nd and Nathaniel Moser, 3rd Men's 4/5

Philly Naval Yard Crit: Nathaniel Moser 1st, William Walton 3rd, and Sean Guydish 4th Juniors 15-18

Lower Providence Crit:  Nathaniel Moser, 2nd Men's Cat 4

Turkey Hill Road Race:  Sean Guydish, 1st Men's Cat 4

Kitchen Road Crit (State Championship):  William Walton 3rd, Men's 15-16.   Sean Guydish, 2nd and Nathaniel Moser, 3rd Men's 17-18

Bear Mountain Classic:  Nathaniel Moser 1st and Sean Guydish 3rd, Junior 17-18

Bound Brook Cycling Classic:  Nathaniel Moser 4th and William Walton 5th, Juniors

Raritan Classic:  Nathaniel Moser 3rd and William Walton 4th, Juniors

Tour of Somerville:  Willliam Walton, 7th Juniors Open

Philly Time Trial (State Championship):   Ian Witkowski 2nd, Men's 13-14.  Cara King 2nd, Women's 15-16.  William Walton 1st and Stephen Ponzer 2nd, Men's 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser 2nd and Austin Banks 3rd, Men's 17-18

Tour de FCCC - Crit:  William Walton, 1st Men's 15-16.  Joe Clay, 1st; Sean Guydish, 2nd Men's 17-18

Tour de FCCC - Time Trial: William Walton 1st Men's 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser, 1st; Sean Guydish, 2nd Men's 17-18

Tour de FCCC - Road Race (State Championship):  William Walton 1st, Men's 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser, 1st; Sean Guydish, 2nd; Austin Banks, 3rd Men's 17-18

Grandview Grand Prix - (State Championship):  William Walton 3rd and Joe Clay 5th, Men's Cat 3.  Austin Banks, 5th Men's Cat 4.

USAC National Road Championships - Road Race:  William Walton, 4th Men's 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser, 6th Men's 17-18

Chantilly Criterium - Ian Witkowski, 1st Men's 13-14

Curt's Cyclery Criterium - William Walton 1st, Men's 15-16; Cara King 2nd, Women's 15-16

Miller School Road Race -  Ian Witkowski, 1st Men's 13-14

Pottstown Bike Race - Sean Guydish, 9th Men's Cat 3/4

Emrick Blvd Crit - William Walton 1st and Stephen Ponzer 2nd, Men's 15-16.  Cara King 2nd, Women's 15-16.  Sean Guydish 1st, Joseph Clay 2nd, Nathaniel Moser 3rd and Austin Banks 4th, Men's 17-18

Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic - Ian Witkowski 5th, Men's 13-14.  Cara King 2nd, Women's 15-16.  William Walton 2nd, Men's 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser 1st, Joe Clay 3rd, Austin Banks 5th, Men's 17-18.  William, Nate and Joe qualified for the Cat 2/3/4 Amateur Finals.

Main Line Bike Race - William Walton 4th, Men's Cat 3/4

Green Mountain Stage Race Stage 2 - Sean Guydish 3rd, Junior Men

Green Mountain Stage Race GC - Sean Guydish 9th, Junior Men

Reading Radsport Mount Penn Hill Climb - William Walton, 1st Amateur and Citizens

Reading Radsport Festival - Sean Guydish 7th, Cat 3/4

Thomson Bucks County Classic - William Walton 8th, Cat 2/3

River Towns Time Trial - Ian Witkowski 1st, Men's 13-14

PA Bar Road Standings

Men 13-14:  Ian Witkowski 6th, Luke Gerdeman 10th

Women 15-16:  Cara King, 2nd

Men 15-16: William Walton 1st, Stephen Ponzer 4th, Tomasz Augustyn 11th

Men 17-18:  Nathaniel Moser 1st, Sean Guydish 2nd, Joe Clay 3rd, Austin Banks 4th, Adam Schram 6th, Daniel Bard 9th

Selected 2017 Cyclocross Results

(for full team results, visit the YM team page on Cross Results). 

Whirlybird Cross - Austin Banks 1st, Elite Jr and 10th Men's 3/4

Nittany Lion Cross Day 1 - Nathaniel Moser 1st Jr 15-18 Cat 4/5.  Austin Banks 2nd, William Walton 3rd Elite Jr Men.  Cara King 3rd Women's Jr 15-18

Nittany Lion Cross Day 2 - William Walton 2nd, Austin Banks 3rd Elite Jr Men. Cara King 2nd, Women's Jr 15-18

Town Hall Cross - Austin Banks 1st Men's 3/4.  William Walton 1st, Nathaniel Moser 2nd, U19 Jr Men