Selected 2017 Road Results

(for full team results, visit the YM team page on Road Results ).

Tour of Southern Highlands Time Trial:  William Walton, 6th Men's 15-16

Philly Phlyer:  Nathaniel Moser, 5th Men's Cat 3/4

Farmersville Road Race:  Sean Guydish, 2nd and Nathaniel Moser, 3rd Men's 4/5

Philly Naval Yard Crit: Nathaniel Moser 1st, William Walton 3rd, and Sean Guydish 4thJunior 15-18

Lower Providence Crit:  Nathaniel Moser, 2nd Men's Cat 4

Turkey Hill Road Race:  Sean Guydish, 1st Men's Cat 4

Kitchen Road Crit (State Championship):  William Walton 3rd, Men's 15-16.   Sean Guydish, 2nd and Nathaniel Moser, 3rd Men's 17-18

Bear Mountain Classic:  Nathaniel Moser 1st and Sean Guydish 3rd, Junior 17-18

Bound Brook Cycling Classic:  Nathaniel Moser 4th and William Walton 5th, Juniors

Raritan Classic:  Nathaniel Moser 3rd and William Walton 4th, Juniors

Tour of Somerville:  Willliam Walton, 7th Juniors Open

Philly Time Trial (State Championship):   Ian Witkowski 2nd, Men 13-14.  Cara King 2nd, Women 15-16.  William Walton 1st and Stephen Ponzer 2nd, Men 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser 2nd and Austin Banks 3rd, Men 17-18

Tour de FCCC - Crit:  William Walton, 1st Men 15-16.  Joe Clay, 1st; Sean Guydish, 2nd Men 17-18

Tour de FCCC - Time Trial: William Walton 1st Men 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser, 1st; Sean Guydish, 2nd Men 17-18

Tour de FCCC - Road Race (State Championship):  William Walton 1st, Men 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser, 1st; Sean Guydish, 2nd; Austin Banks, 3rd Men 17-18

Grandview Grand Prix - (State Championship):  William Walton 3rd and Joe Clay 5th, Men's Cat 3

USAC National Road Championships - Road Race:  William Walton, 4th Men's 15-16.  Nathaniel Moser, 6th Men's 17-18

Chantilly Criterium - Ian Witkowski, 1st Men 13-14