The 2012 Young Medalists Team Pursuit Squad on their way to a Bronze medal at Junior National Track Championships

The 2012 Young Medalists Team Pursuit Squad on their way to a Bronze medal at Junior National Track Championships

About the Team

The Lehigh Valley Cycling Club featuring Team Young Medalists is an award-winning youth cycling and fitness program based in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. The Lehigh Valley Cycling Club (LVCC) has earned the USA Cycling Center of Excellence Award every year since 2007 and was created to provide young athletes with the constructive resources needed to succeed in sports and in other challenges of life.

Cycling is a Team Sport

In the United States, cycling often begins as exercise. We ride our bikes because we want to be healthy, lose some weight and enjoy the outdoors. If we get better, we might enter a race. If we like racing and we want to do better, maybe we will start a training plan. The problem is that the technical, tactical and social sides of the sport are often overlooked and many athletes don't last long before they burn themselves out. We believe in a different approach: learn to ride, race and love the sport of cycling. Learn the fundamentals of cycling in a safe, fun way learning from the experts. Not every kid is going to grow up to be a professional cyclist, but every kid can benefit from being on a team.

If you are just starting out, we can help you learn the skills you need to stay safe and maximize your enjoyment of the sport. We provide weekly training sessions that focus on a specific cycling skill each week. From pace-lining to crit cornering, we have developed a program that will teach you the fundamentals of road bike racing. Weekly track sessions focus on tactics and strategy. Cyclocross training session focus on bike handling skills necessary for mastering the different types of obstacles you’ll encounter on the course. Although winning is always the goal, the real measure of a bike race is not whether you win but what you learn — a question we always ask our athletes after each coached event.

If you have the desire and the talent to make it to the next level, we can help get you there. Each year, up to 10 riders racing ages 16-18 are chosen for the Young Medalists Elite Team. These riders focus on regional, national and international level junior events including the Tour of Southern Highlands, the Tour of Somerville, USAC National Championships, Tour de l'Abitibi and the Green Mountain Stage Race. Elite team members are privately coached with individualized training plans. The team is committed to helping every rider live up to his or her potential.

Highlights from our 2015 and 2016 seasons by YM rider Austin Banks.